My Projects

A few of my working projects as I expand my development knowledge.

Full Stack Web App - Panda Pirate Bar App

My first full stack web app, still in development. Showcasing the beer I brew, and some of the updated process I've been learning. Adapted from a Udemy bootcamp course.

TRex drinking my beer

Express, Node, JS, MongoDB, Mongoose, Flexbox, CSS3

Full Stack React App - Emaily

A simple full stack React App, from a Udemy course tutorial. Using Google authentication and building simple surveys to send out to an email list of clients.

Screenshot of Emaily app

NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, MongoDB, Materialize CSS, Google Auth and Stripe payments.

Simple React App - Video Search

A simple React App, from a Udemy course tutorial. An exercise in state and props in React, while utilizing class components. Using the YouTube API to display 5 results, with some simple Semantic UI and flexbox styling.

Screenshot of video search

NodeJS, React, Semantic UI CSS, Flexbox, YouTube API

Simple React App - Photo Search

A simple React App, very similar to the video example, only this one utilizing Grid CSS and the Unsplash API for photos.

Screenshot of Unsplash search

NodeJS, React, Semantic UI CSS, Grid CSS, Unsplash API

Full Stack Web App - YelpCamp

A full stack web developer tutorial course, building an app called YelpCamp. For users to login and leave reviews and photos on camping locations. From a Udemy online tutorial.

Yelpcamp app screenshot

NodeJS, Express, EJS, MongoDB, Bootstrap

Simple React App - Kitty Rolodex

My first React app project, from a Udemy bootcamp video. I know its simple, but you've gotta start somewhere, and besides, my kids had a blast helping me style and design it.

Kitty Rolodex

React, JS, Node, CSS3

CSS Project- One-page Product Site Example

An exercise in more CSS3 updates and putting together a product page with simple design and some new (to me) CSS3 tricks. From a Udemy online tutorial.

Omnifood graphic

CSS3, HTML5, jquery, CSS animation

Flexbox Portfolio Page

My first Flexbox CSS sample. A simple one-page portfolio site adapted from an online tutorial.

Flexbox Portfolio thumbnail

Flexbox CSS3, HTML5, javascript