Hi. I'm Jared. A web developer \ designer.

And dabbler in animation, biking, illustration, beer brewing, photography and dad jokes.

lego T-Rex drinking my beer

about me

I'm a web developer residing on the northwest side of Chicago. I grew up in rural Nebraska, went to art school for animation in Savannah, Georgia, and spent a few formative years in Boston before finding myself in Chicago. I love to draw and play legos with my kids, brew beer, read, cook, bike and tinker, whether with websites, recipes, or home improvement tasks.

I've spent the past decade as a jack-of-all-trades developer, editor, designer, html emailer, etc... in higher education. Primarily working with XML in a content management system called Cascade. And as such, I'd missed out on a lot of the last few years worth of web innovation, primarily javascript. However, this site, and subsequent projects are a result of the challenge to myself to absorb as much as I can of what I'd missed.

Check out some of my current projects as my learning progresses.